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About: On-line Consulting, Therapy & Psychoanalysis

Dr. A. L. Dussault

Rhode Island & St Augustine, Florida

401 447 5765

I have been practicing and researching forms of counseling and psychotherapy for 43 years.  I have experience in community based Family Service Centers as well as in Community Mental Health Clinics.  I functioned as a Program Director, Clinical Supervisor and studied Counseling and Drug & Alcohol issues while getting my Masters Degree.

In 1983 I opened my private practice, Associates in Clinical Counseling, and in 1986, I enrolled at the Boston Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies.  There I was an advanced candidate in clinical psychoanalysis and I worked in the treatment service and served as a clinical fellow under the guidance of Dr. Phyllis Meadow, Dr. Ted Laquercia, and Ms. Faye Newsome.


My practice today serves a wide range of individuals each of whom are seeking a deeper understanding of what re-occurring issues are preventing movement in the three arenas of mental health:  psychosomatic issues, anxiety and depression issues, and issues of stubborn narcissistic resistances. For patients interested in psychoanalysis, it is not unusual for the patient or client to become interested in the theories and methods to this three -pronged science.  We are a body of knowledge, we are a theory that is in perpetual revision as single-case research study emerges form the multitude of institutes world wide.  And, we are a clinical method of treatment.

Conveying to the patient that he or she is understood by emotional communications is a primary intervention tool.  By extension of our silence and our interventions, the student/client moves toward a less self-jungemental approach to assessing him or herself. There is an equal reaction to this.  As the less judgmental treatment of the self begins, a simultaneous reaction can be seen in the self confidence of the patient.  This form of treatment is particularly useful in the remediation of psycho-somatic conditions and recalcitrant narcissistic issues.


ABOUT THE FEE:   sliding scale (check or credit-card)

As I have been doing for the past forty years, I will retain my sliding scale. That means that each patient or client, with the analyst, will have the opportunity to discuss a fee that works out for both the analyst and the client or patient.

I have added the capacity to collect fees using credit cards.  This is a new feature to my consulting services.


ABOUT THE PROCESS:  how to apply

Anyone thinking of engaging in any of the services that I encourage, might start by writing or telephoning a brief description of why they are looking to begin counseling or a therapy.  We usually discuss the bare minimum and focus on scheduling a session.  A suitable time is established and we might also begin talking about the fee structure.  See the link here for more information:

ABOUT MY ESSAYS:  how to access my articles and essays

There is a link on this page (upper right hand corner under blogroll) that will allow you to  access my articles and essays.  From time to time I may refer you to a particular article that I think you might find helpful.

* see article in menu above


ABOUT MY AVAIlBILITY:  You will reach me directly most any time..  The best way to ensure a response is to write an e-mail.  That allows me to respond more throughly and in a timely fashion.

You can follow the blog roll on this site by registering your e mail at the top left of this page. Also, feel free to ask me any questions and I will be happy to respond in a most through and complete manner.

Thank You, & Sincerely,

Dr. Albert L. Dussault, Consulting Analyst

One thought on “About: On-line Consulting, Therapy & Psychoanalysis

  1. Al: you are so interesting, yet somehow we are never in the same place at the same time–I tried to make the transcend. group awhile ago, but just the schedule was never right. I look forward to reading your blog.– p.s. Love your artwork. regards, cindy berry

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