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How Can Heart-Felt Desire be Applied: a motivational theory

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How Can Heart-Felt Desire be Applied
   how do we get on the same page in relation to our finances…..
how do we get on with the question…what do we want in our lives?
   when our loved ones want something and we can not provide it for them we might become
upset with ourselves because we can’t provide it, or we might become upset with our partner
for wanting something that we can not provide.
   if we are in a space where we are conducted by some form of spirit, or holy spirit, we
are conducted by our heart felt desires.  if we are conducted by commerce and world
economic concerns we will never, never feel equal.  in the condition of feeling unequal
we can not find happiness or joy.  and, without the conditions of happiness or joy,
no amount of money will create the condition needed to access the heart.
   always choose the freedom that gives you the feeling that life is a breeze, life is easy
or life is down-stream.  always choose what is in your heart.  of course, when we want
out of a down-stream wish we have to add the next step which is to allow the wish to
   allowing a wish, or a dream to become as aspect of our reality means to engage the heart
in the work of projecting forward.  a dream or a wish is something that by nature is not
here in our lives yet; but it is being desired and therefore it is only around the corner.  we
can either make our moves by encouraging what we want–encouraging the future, or disclaiming 
immediately that we are too busy, too tired, too poor, too bad—-too whatever to believe
that what we want is available.
   heart-felt notion of how to live our lives comes to us in other than language.  heart-felt desire
and heart-felt negativity attack us through our bodies.  when our bodies mal-function, when our
bodies hurt with ambivalence that is the clue that the heart is wanting to be heard.
   nine out of ten times it is screaming ==slow-down, don’t move so fast, stay here, finish this
task, finish these dishes with love.  don’t move on to the next thought without slowly and deliberately
completing this thought.  let your mind conduct you only as fast as your body want to move.
   speed is the enemy of joy.  joy by nature is a lingering state, it is a luxurious bath, a day
near the ocean under a tree with a good book, it is an evening when sitting on the porch is
enough, chatting with a friend or a neighbor is enough.  joy is when things are calm and
we feel content to not be pushing on the future or pulling on the past.
   but certainly, you say, we can’t just sit around lazy and un-productive forever?  Correct,
but if you think seriously about it, you will discover that wanting to sit around
doing nothing forever is not at all the ambition.  when I talk about the deliberate intent to
access the heart, we are talking about a condition where the stopping is akin to incubating.  stoping
provides the water and the fertile soil that you will pack around the seed that will become the
joy that you will cultivate.  we know that if we want something to grow that we have to do more
that just drop seed.  we have to prepare the soil to accept the seed and we have to place good soil
around the seed and then the seed needs to get enough water to begin its process of manifesting
into the world….
   such is the state of all our desires.  our desires are seed that we need to cultivate deliberately.
therefore, plant your seed carefully, deliberately choose what you would like to see growing in
your garden and provide an atmosphere where growth is patiently watched and encouraged.
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Author: aldussault

I am an artist, photographer, watercolorist, and primarily a modern psychoanalyst. I blog about politics and consciousness as well as create digital fine art photos of my pen & inks and my water colorings. My hobby is studying piano.

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