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Announcement of resumed services

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Mindfulness in Psychoanalysis will resume hours in Providence, RI at the 16 Trenton Street office.  If you have not already contacted me to schedule an appointment please do so before Sunday of this week.  


Telephone Consultations are still available if that is the most convenient–although, I would like to see everyone in person who I have not seen in the last seven weeks.


All appointments will be in Providence this first week back.  Appointments in Charlestown will resume when I am fairly certain that the road is passable and the drive way is cleared of ruts of ice.

Both the Tuesday and the Wednesday groups will meet as scheduled.  I would appreciate a count of who is returning this semester.  We will accomplish 13 weeks of group between February 25th and June 20th.  

If you know anyone who would enjoy or gain help from a group please have them contact me as soon as possible…

Be Mindful, As Ever,


Dr. Dussault


Author: aldussault

I am an artist, photographer, watercolorist, and primarily a modern psychoanalyst. I blog about politics and consciousness as well as create digital fine art photos of my pen & inks and my water colorings. My hobby is studying piano.

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