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A. L. Dussault

*Analytic Scripting, a method developed by Dr. Dussault is available

through confidential on-going e.mailing.  This scripting dialogue can be used

to access both repressed, and  unconscious thoughts and ideas. It is also useful as a means

of resolving resistances in the realm of egoic conflict.  Scripting and journaling have long

been used as a form of self-help.  The addition of my scripting method used as a means

of communicating with the analyst has proved helpful to many clients.

When psychoanalysis was first coming into it’s own as a form of medical

treatment for conditions previously thought to be untreatable, the phrase,

“say everything,”  became a corner stone of not only psychoanalysis, but

the foundation of all talk therapies.  At that time, Psychoanalysis was conducted

four or five days a week.  The cost in money and time  became an impossible

obstacle for most people and so the very foundation of all talking therapies

fell out of favor and unfortunately became a sort of caricature.

Working with people in person, in video or in phone consultations once weekly

and augmented by daily contact with the analyst through analytic scripting can bring about

the return of the effectiveness of multiple sessions so crucial to the deconstructing of

narcissistic and complex disorders.  Analytic Scripting, is proving itself a significantly

useful treatment method contracted between sessions to foster the transference and to

support the wider consciousness and the more creative self.


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