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Negativity, by Default; Dreams and Desire, by Intent

patient on couch


Patient on Couch

Becoming comfortable with the unknown, known, and looking for the portal through which we can see the manifestations of the workings of the Unc., is the 1st task in accessing the dark region of the mind….we need to go back not only in time but in evolution.
It is uncanny to me that Freud’s life long struggle with mouth cancer became the place to watch Freud “not-take” his own advise. He actually did say to his surgeon, “sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.”
The uns. belongs to the larger divided mind…matters of the heart are not listened to because they do not speak english, they yell the loudest and they cast a shadow over the instincts, which carry the knowledge of our past and the past as generated by evolution.
To allow negativity generated by an ever cautious ego is simple. It is the default position of the ego. But, to invite-in the reasoning of the heart which is only heard by listening to the body is a practice.

Negativity, by default. Dreams and Desires, by intent.



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