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resistance to evolution: a microcosm of natural selection

Books become old and eventually out live their usefulness much in the same way that sentient beings do.  Even the best of books become destroyed by some force of nature.  Evolution often takes them out of print because some new technology has arrived, or a new philosophy or manner of looking at the universe becomes more useful.  It is a good idea to know the difference between good old-fashioned intuition and stubborn resistances.  It is the difference between joy and despair.

Resistances, aside from appearing protective, actually assist the ego to maintain its position of prominence.  When we use our force to push against something we do not like, we are inviting a stronger push back.

While we are exerting pressure against what it is that we do not want, what it is that we do want is left dangling like a misplaced modifier. Well-being is the art of not resisting thereby allowing the forces of vitality to push forward.  The evolution of the human mind on both a macro and micro level look very much the same.  We are a small cell in the collective unconscious, nonetheless we are a part of the larger body, the body of earth and beyond.

Desire is the operant condition in individual Natural Selection. In the same way that a specie insures its place in the future it learns through generations of consciousness that picking the biggest and the best give the specie a better chance at survival.  Desire is central in a successful evolution.  In Darwin’s Natural Selection the decisions we make suggest that we will either become stronger or begin to fall into a state of weakness.  In this state of weakness, the ego, the mind’s defender, thinks it need to conserve energy.  When we select for strength, we move toward longevity.  In this theory of man it is suggested that mating with the biggest and the best offers the specie an edge above, because it will have developed a willingness to choose strength.

In our own life’s journey, we as a microcosm of the above describe dynamic. In our personal evolution we have a responsibility to choose strength.  The decisions we make need to be mated with our inner most sincere desires and with our biggest and best efforts toward that vision, that outcome.

Success in life come through proving to ourselves that we are resourceful beyond our imagination.  To be our best simply means to choose from among all that the universe has to offer.  And we need to have that choice be the best option for us. In other words Natural Selection applied to the evolution of the individual is based in our ability to do what is best for us.  That is the template for all other responsibilities and obligations that we will run into in our families and in our professional lives…

We evolve, or we don’t.


Breathing and remembering what we want is integral to this process that leads to health, happiness and success.  The ambitions of a well analyzed and well examined life.


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